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China: The Middle Kingdom

Artist Song
The Butterfly Lovers Violin Concerto 
Double Sound Hate (direct translation) 
Ode to the Plum Blossoms 
Ryuichi Sakamoto  Picking up Brides 
Yi Minority Folk Dance Song 
Tune of the Purple Bamboo 
TheTowering Mountains 
Tan Dun  The Eternal Vow 
Wang Fei 


Listener Status 38. This mix is missing alot of information because most of it is taken off of bootleg CDs I bought on the streets in Xi'an, China when I lived there for 2 years. I made this mix as a sort of intro to the sound of Chinese music for a group of teachers and principals who I am bringing to China for 2 weeks in July, as an annual Chinese Cultural Immersion Program I run in Chicago for educators. I wanted to bave lots of different sounds represented, and to finsih it off with a more contemporary sound, Wang Fei, who is my favorite Chinese singer. Track 4 is from the "Last Emperor" soundtrack, and Track 8 is from the "Croutching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" soundtrack.
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g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 6/4/2002
"Tune of the Purple Bamboo"hmmmmm...interesting
more adventures from the traveling Mantis diaries...?
Date: 6/4/2002
COOL. Reminds me of stuff my mom played back in the old country.
Date: 6/5/2002
This is too intriguing. Some day I will beg you for a copy.
Date: 6/5/2002
intriguing is exactly the right word for this. so many question marks! such mystery! sign me up for a copy of this as well, selector.