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Radio Disorder Vol. 3

Artist Song
Sex Pistols  Holidays in the Sun 
The Pixies  Here Comes your man 
Pink Floyd  Wish you were here 
Jude  Rick James 
Better Than Ezra  Rosealia 
Cracker  Teen Angst 
Stray cats  Built for Speed 
The Refreshments  Banditos 
Jimi Hendrix  Purple Haze 
Dead Kennedys  Viva Las Vegas 
Goldfinger  Mabel 
Led Zepelin  Dazed And Confused 
Stereophonics  Mr Writter 
Supernova  Chewbacca 
Tom Waits  Anywhere i Lay my head 
The Rolling Stones  Get off of my Cloud 
Teneacious D  Double Team 
The Eels  The Medication is Wearing off 
Radiohead  No Surprises 
Quannum  I changed my Mind (Mc's Remix) 
The Velvet Underground  Pale Blue Eyes 
Weezer  Waiting for you 
Tool  Prison Sex 
V-Mob  Reflection 
The Strokes  Alone Together 
The Beatles  Taxman 
The Ataris  Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right Right, B, A, Start 
Polaris  Hey Sandy 
John Lennon  What ever gets you through the night 
Gary Jules  Mad World 


The third chapter of the Radio Disorder series. I will now be taking Request for the next cd (It will be another 60 song set.)

Radio Disorder- Because Corparate Radio Sucks


Date: 6/9/2002
oooh, this rules!
Date: 6/9/2002
this is so cool. i love all of these bands. every single one.