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Radio Disorder Vol. 4

Artist Song
Built to Spill  Car 
Lou Reed  Perfect Day 
Stone Temple Pilots  Big Empty 
Radiohead  Paranoid Android 
Meat Puppets  Backwater 
Foo Fighters  Big me 
Simon and Garfunkle  America 
Smashing Pumpkins  The Aereoplane Flies High 
The Greatful Dead  Friend of the Devil 
Rage Against The Machine  Know your Enemy 
The Ataris  Giving up on Love 
Bigwig  Girl in the Green Jacket 
They Might Be Giants  Dont Let Start 
Everclear  Amphetimine 
Me First And the Gimmie Gimmies  My Favorite Things 
The Flys  Holiday Man 
The Eels  Electro-Shock Blues 
MuDvAyNe  Nothing to Gein 
Iggy Pop  Lust for life 
Echo and the bunnymen  Bring on the Dancing horses 
Collective Soul  Gel 
Bob Dylan  Tangled up in Blue 
Blind Mellon  Soak the Sin 
Badly Drawn Boy  Once Around the Block 
Jimi Hendrix  Castles Made of Sand 
Atari Teenage Riot  Revolution Action 
Black Flag  Gimmie Gimmie Gimmie 
311  Misdirected Hostility 
Beck  I get Lonesome 
Deftones  Teenager 


The Fourth Installment in my Radio disorder Series. Big Props to my Peep lacy with the request for some Dead and more hendrix.

"Radio Disorder. Because Corporate Radio Sucks"


Date: 6/10/2002
Looks great maan