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love turns sour every hour

Artist Song
Nico  These Days 
Belle & Sebastian  Simple Things 
Tori Amos  Northern Lad 
Ted Leo/Pharmacists  Parallel or Together? 
Ryan Adams  Touch, Feel, & Lose 
Nina Simone  Since I Fell For You 
the Underdogs  Love's Gone's Bad 
Dusty Springfield  What Do You Do When Love Dies 
Buddy Holly  It Doesn't Matter Anymore 
Narvel Felts  Crying 
Frank Sinatra  No One Ever Tells You 
Love  Always See Your Face 
Geneva  Compulsive Love Disorder 
the Magnetic Fields  Epitaph for My Heart 
Ida  Hearts Don't Break 
the Velvet Underground  Who Loves the Sun 
Mojave 3  Return to Sender 
Bob Dylan  I Don't Believe You 
Lucinda Williams  Out of Touch 
Travis  Last Train 
Bright Eyes  Feb.15th 



Sean Lally
Date: 6/18/2002
There, there.... turn that frown upside-down. Swell selections.