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Artist Song
Orchestra Baobab (West Africa)  Ray M'Bele (6:57) 
Parna Das Baul (India)  Agun Pani (4:37) 
Kalimo Kings (Trinidad)  Ramjay (reprise)(2:06) 
Cesaria Evora (Cape Verde)  Beijo de Longe (4:00) 
Fela Kuti (Nigeria)  Odoo (6:53) 
Shu De (Tuva)  Durgen Chugaa (tongue twisters)(4:40) 
Sergio Mendes (Brazil?)  Capoeira do Brasil (3:35) 
The Pan African Orchestra (Ghana)  Mmenson (4:06) 
Gita Kasama Jaya (Indonesia)  Kotekan (4:00) 
Orquestra de Cuatros de Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico)  Cachita, Guaracha (4:10) 
Orchestra Baobab (West Africa)  Balle Daffe (7:18) 
Chico Boarque (Brasil)  Samba de Orly (2:40) 
Nusrat Fatek Ali Khan (Pakistan)  Shamas-ud-doha Bader-ud Doja (4:30) 
Gregory Isaacs (Jamaica)  Tune In (3:28) 
Fatala (Guinea)  Boke (N'yaraloum-ma)(6:44) 
Shivkumar Sharma & Hariprasad Chaurasia (India)  Peace (alap)(8:03) 


Listener Status 43. Backpack tries to capture that fun vibe of backpacking someplace new and hearing all the great music on the street and just feelin it. I try to represent as much as possible, though there are no submissions from China (see "China:The Middle Kingdom)or Japan on this one, cus I was trying to keep it a little bit more upbeat. This is a good companion with my other cd "Take a Moment". I am busting mad cds out lately, trying to reach 50 in the Listener Status series by the end of August, when I am moving to Beijing for a year. Much respect to AOTMers, international. This site continues to blow my mind....
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Date: 6/25/2002
Wow, this is really awesome. Sure you don't wanna get into a trade?
Date: 6/25/2002
Looks really nice. That Orchestra Baobab album is sweet.(Pendantic aside: Cesaria Evora is from Cape Verde but Sergio Mendes is, indeed, from Brazil)
Junior D 1
Date: 6/25/2002
Thanks, Muzag, I made the change... alot of these cds are off of dubs people make for me, so I am not too clear.
g.a.b. l@bs
Date: 6/25/2002
nice mix....art sorta' reminds me of "Sonic the Hedgehog" rolling really fazzzzzt.
I'm coming a little unglued, though: WHY IS TURKEY NOT REPRESENTED HERE???????? Talk about "steppin'" countries...
Junior D 1
Date: 6/25/2002
Ok, ok, Mr. Labs, I promise on the next of the Backpack series you will get your Turkey.
Izmir Antalya
Date: 6/25/2002
I must agree with the labs-man and vill vant a kopy of Listener Status noomber 44 as vell !
Date: 6/26/2002
yeah, i thought tracks 7 & 12 looked familiar ;)
actually, that sergio mendes track was downloaded from audiogalaxy and is most definitely mislabeled - it's clearly brazilian, but it's also clearly not sergio mendes (unless he made some major stylistic changes for one single song)...
cool mix, grandmaster d.