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i made you a tape

Artist Song
gay dad  now, always and forever 
super furry animals  happiness is a worn pun 
matthew jay  please don't say me away 
i am kloot  twist 
proud mary  somewhere down the line 
starsailor  love is here 
lupine howl  planet x 
clearlake  cinnamon girl 
the strokes  last night 
the music  you might as well try to fuck me 
the corals  shadows fall 
travis  all the young dudes 
mull historical society  industrial hangers 
orange can  chansing 
david kitt  whispers return the sun, rest the moon 
rufus wainwright   hallelujah 
ryan adams  wonderwall 
paul mc cartney  from a lover to a friend 


another "comp for girls" pretty much every tune i loved last year in no particular order. would love to hear some feedback.


Date: 6/25/2002
That Ryan Adams cover is beautiful (you'd think, "I never want to hear that song again", but he makes it all okay).
Date: 6/25/2002
Looks good, even though I've only heard the SFA and the Strokes (hey, you wanted to hear some feedback)