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Legacy - World of R.E.M.

Artist Song
Nirvana  Heart Shaped Box  
Wilco  What Light  
Pavement  Cut Your Hair  
The Jayhawks  Two Angels  
Guided By Voices  Hold On Hope  
The Posies  Dream All Day  
Crash Test Dummies  Afternoons & Coffeespoons  
Vic Chesnutt  Speed Racer  
Red House Painters  Song for a Blue Guitar  
Blue Rodeo  Till I Am Myself Again  
Cosmic Rough Riders  Have You Heard the News Today?  
The Autumn Leaves  You Didn't Say a Word (The Ballad of Plum Tucker)  
Buttercup  Hello, Goodbye  
The Gefkens  Billboard  
Now It's Overhead  Let the Sirens Rest  


Whether it’s Americana, grunge, or alt-anything, it’s pretty hard to escape the massive impact that R.E.M. has had on pop music. Practically as American as tuna casserole, Wilco sank their roots into heartland soil deep and wide. Their alt-folkie, ragged-edged waltz “What Light” splits the difference between Dylan and Stipe, where fidelity to melody never interferes with the perfect vibe. Had there never been an Athens, would there have been a Seattle? Hard to say for sure, but Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain wasn’t just R.E.M.’s friend; he was also a fan: “I don't know how that band does what they do. God, they're the greatest.” On the sludgy “Heart Shaped Box,” Cobain & co. dredge despair’s depths, bleak as a December Seattle sky. And if anybody had a right to a bleak outlook, it’s Stipe-produced discovery (and paraplegic) Vic Chesnutt. Over an austere nylon-string guitar and ethereal backing vocal, he creaks out the details of his tiny triumphs in “Speed Racer”: “I can dodge the thunderbolts/And scratch out an existence on this glorious but simple plane.” From the Jayhawks to Pavement and beyond, all the far-flung branches of R.E.M.’s family tree are right here at your fingertips.
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