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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

a tape to replace an old favorite

Side A
Artist Song
the clash  janie jones 
gameface  mean 
lifetime  25 cent giraffes 
ann beretta  shovel 
swingin utters  last chance 
avail  rx 
hot water music  don't say you lost it 
linus  south station 
saves the day  jodie 
dag nasty  the godfather 
the marshes  whatever you want 
Side B
the descendents  hope 
foo fighters  up in arms 
get up kids  woodson 
new day rising  property culture 
falling forward  days on file 
the enkindels  one am forever 
weston  new shirt/heather lewis 
all  she's my ex 
samiam  bad day 


another mix for my friend jill. made in 2000. i tried to play more to her tastes then mine.