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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
CD | Alternative - Indie Rock
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No Friend or Doctor

Side A
Artist Song
The Glands  I Can See My House From Here 
Elf Power  Will My Feet Still Carry Me Home 
Alfie  Talking Song 
The Hang Ups  Parkway 
Papas Fritas  Questions 
Richard Buckner  Goner w/ Souvenir 
Built to Spill  Strange 
The Apples in Stereo  Tidal Wave 
Beulah  Emma Blowgun's Last Stand 
Elliott Smith  Division Day 
Snow Patrol  Sticky Teenage Twin 
David Mead  Only in the Movies 
The Moldy Peaches  Goodbye Song 
Side B
Ben Folds  The Luckiest 
Semisonic  El Matador 
The Kingsbury Manx  Piss Diary 
The Kings of Convenience  Toxic Girl (strings) 
Slumber Party  Depression Is Best 
Clem Snide  Exercise 
Pete Yorn  Knew Enough to Know Nothing At All 
The Shins  The Past and Pending 
Of Montreal  Old Familiar Way 
The Dismemberment Plan  The Face of the Earth 
Death Cab for Cutie  Why You'd Want to Live Here 


The last in a three tape collection, along with "Pen and Paper Thin Dream" and "Walt Disney Cannot Make Me Happy," that were made in an attempt to turn my ex-girlfriend on to some of the best independent rock artists of today.

Also on this, the last album of the set, around the time David Mead's "Only in the Movies" starts, I purposely entered a realm of some of the most poignant songs I know, pretty much keeping that tone until the last two songs, which suddenly explode with energy once again.

The last track, Death Cab for Cutie's "Why You Want to Live Here," an anti-L.A. rant has a special meaning, as I was recording this shortly before moving to L.A.


Date: 7/8/2002
great series.
abigail dice
Date: 7/20/2002
great mix, but uh I wouldn't exactly call Ben Folds and Semisonic 'indie'
Yeah, I certainly wouldn't call them indie either. I probably wouldn't call Pete Yorn or David Mead indie either... but I still feel "indie rock" is by far the best way to define this series of albums.
Date: 3/14/2003
i might call ben folds indie on the grounds that he works like a fiend and has begun to do more and more of everything himself! and he still doesnt get his clothes new-- noticed? this is a charming charming charming mix. if i'd gotten this at a random anonymous tape trade at a basement venue and went home to listen to it the same night, i would set off on a mission to find the creator who was definitely my soul mate. that of montreal song is SO good. and the Plan song! and the death cab song. and the ben song. and the elf power and the shins songs! holy crap... yeah. you get it. sorry to ramble.