things they never work out right, you'll always be in pain

Artist Song
jawbreaker  do you still hate me 
no knife  minus one 
the miracle of 86  two color pattern 
All-time quarterback  Rules Broken 
alkaline trio  trouble breathing 
Brandtson  Holly Park 
Calamine  Trampoline 
Penfold  Microchip 
Burning Airlines  Dear Hilary 
Taking Back Sunday  Ghost Man On Third 
the notwist  Consequence 
Counterfit  Further on... 
Elliot Smith  Angeles 
cross my heart  infinity doesn't live here anymore 
One Track Mind  One More Chance 
The Jazz June  Drop the Bomb 
The Get Up Kids  Out of Reach 
Jealous Sound  Bitter Strings 
Thursday  This Side of Brightness 
Rival Schools  Everything Has It's Point 


i dont think i can be friends with someone who used to be very special to me anymore, and its not the best feeling. title from the alkaline trio song.