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The Eccentric Collection

Artist Song
Jimi Hendrix  Manic Depresion 
Butthole Surfers  Underdog Theme 
Built to Spill  you were right 
The Proclamers  Im gonna be (500 miles) 
The Lovin Spoonfuls  Summer in the City 
The hives  Here we go Again 
Papa Roach  She loves me not 
The White Stripes  Your pretty good looking (For a Girl) 
Everclear  Speed Racer Theme 
AFI  God Called in Sick Today 
The Who  Boris the Spider 
The Ramones  I wanna be your Boyfriend 
Rem  So. Central Rain (Im Sorry) 
The Strokes  Hard to Explain 


This is just a mix of the MP3's i dowloaded on my dads computer that i wanted to listion to while my laptop was on loan. I tried to go for toltal Chaos but i dont know how well i made out.


Skills McPlenty
Date: 7/8/2002

maybe semi-toltal chaos..