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CD | Mixed Genre

Aqua-Net and Eye Shadow (80's glam)

Artist Song
lita ford  kiss me deadly 
cinderella  gypsy road 
great white  once bitten, twice shy 
winger  she's only 17 
bon jovi  livin' on a prayer 
skid row  youth gone wild 
poison  unskinny bop 
motley crue  girls, girls, girls 
def leppard  armageddon it 
aerosmith  eat the rich 
warrant  uncle tom's cabin 
white lion  little fighter 
guns n roses  paradise city 
slaughter  up all night 
stp  plush 


a friend asked me for a 80's mix of music we used to listen to when we were kids....


Date: 7/10/2002
Looks perfect for a night of drinking, save American Girl. Seeing it next to all the cock rock makes a tear come to my eye.
Date: 7/10/2002
very nice! I would have gone with free fallin by petty, but that is cool. We all love different stuff. Looks fun...do I get a copy? I will be passing through in early august if you want to hold it, or you can always mail it. I haven't posted in awhile and I need to! good job chica!
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 7/11/2002
other than STP not being an 80's band and the Queen song being 70's it's a cool mix