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june2002 indiepop list tapeswap: me, my drums, and you

Side A
Artist Song
the maulies  wussy punk boy 
the moldy peaches  anybody else but you 
comet gain  you can hide your love forever 
belle and sebastian  womans realm 
korea girl  b side 
boycrazy  stark street 
my favorite  the informers 
barcelona  why do you have so much fun without me? 
mates f state  proofs 
busy toby  me, my drums, and you 
the softies  write it down 
rainer maria  the breakfast of champions 
mates of state  everyone needs an editor 
the weakerthans  letter of resignation 
the sarcastic bitch  drive in 
Side B
go sailor  the boy who sailed aroudn the world 
tullycraft  8 great ways (live version) 
heavnly (featuring calvin j)-   "c" is the hevenly option 
wolfie  its thursday, not sunday 
bis  kill your boyfriend 
the rentals  friends of p 
the pulsars  silicon teens 
barcelona  i know the password to your shell account 
my favorite  17 berlin 
the mates of state  a duel will settle this 
rainer maria  artificial light 
comet gain  i close my eyes and think of god 
blue boy  the joy of living 
pipas  a short film about sleeping 
my favorite  working class jacket 


this is sort of an indiepop lovenote to the hypothetical boy in the first song by the maulies. most of the tracks have girl/by vocals (inspired by the mates of state).

i liked it so much i could barely send it away to canada...but im making a slightly annotated version of it for my cd collection.

tullycraft- "pop songs your new boyfriends too stupid to know about" should be on this somewhere (content wise) but its not.