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Curtis' Cuts - 5/2002

Artist Song
The Beatles  Happiness is a Warm Gun 
Bad Brains  You're a Migraine 
PJ Harvey  Happy and Bleeding 
XTC  Stupidly Happy 
The Jam  Happy Together 
Coctails  Waterlogged 
Acid Mother's Temple  Universe of Romance 
Grateful Dead  Saint Stephen 
Alison Krauss  Teardrops Will Kiss the Morning Dew 
Joe Ely  Queen of Heaven 
Caitlin Cary  Fireworks 
Wilco  Ashes of American Flags 
Steve Earle  Halo 'Round the Moon 
Beth Orton  Stars All Seem to Weep 
Bill Frisell  The End of the World 
Allen Ginsberg  Sunset 
Ambitious Lovers  It's Gonna Rain 
Al Jolson  Liza (All the Clouds Will Go Away) 
Pixies  Lovely Day 
Stereolab  Space Moment 
Wire  Other Moments 



Date: 8/27/2002
no one has commented on this??? this is wonderful. of course it's not as wonderful as wesley willis headbutting me but it's still pretty neat-o.