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Battle Scarred Shogun

Artist Song
Goldfinger  The City With Two Faces 
Ozzy Osbourne  Crazy Train 
Minutemen  Definitions 
Snoop Doggy Dogg  Serial Killa 
Bad Religion  Automatic Man 
Michael Jackson  Smooth Criminal 
Alice Cooper  School's Out 
Tom Waits  Starving In The Belly Of A Whale 
Devo  Whip It 
Bad Brains  gene machine/don't bother me 
Anti-Flag   Fuck Police Brutality 
NWA  Fuck Tha Police 
Rolling Stones  Street Fighting Man 
Black Sabbath  Iron Man 
Strung Out  Velvet Alley 
d-stroy  Roll Out 
Stiff Little Fingers  Gotta Getaway 
MC5  Looking At You 
MC Steven Hawking  Fuck The Creationists 
The Faint  Worked Up So Sexual 
Refused  The Deadly Rhythm 
Sex And Dying In High Society 
Sir Mix A Lot  Baby Got Back 
Scorpions  No One Like You 


something old for a fellow i haven't seen since school ended. i've been meaning to but i've been busy DESTROYING PEOPLE (isn't that right?) so I guess I have to make up for lost time. it's supposed to eximplify his coolness with a cheesy then non cheesy then cheesy form of happiness. I'm off, spaghetti awaits me. Have I mentioned I'm a big mean-face?


Date: 7/16/2002
I'm likeing this mix a lot. How about a trade sometime?
Rob Conroy
Date: 7/16/2002
Whoa. Crazy.
Date: 7/16/2002
another goody, Prof old chap. Is it carbonara or bolognese?
p the swede
Date: 7/17/2002
hard stuff but Scorpions ?
Date: 7/17/2002
i didn't say i endorse every band. that tune makes me smile goofy
Scott K
Date: 7/17/2002
I was at a wedding where they introduced the "new couple" w/No One Like You playing! Lotsa cool stuff. You could start a riot w/those NWA and Stones songs back to back ;-)
Date: 7/18/2002
Now that's the shiznit. (b/t/w the Sir Mixalot song is called Baby Got Back) This one of the best mixes I've seen on here in a long long time
abigail dice
Date: 7/21/2002
I actually don't really like 'tired of sex' it's the only track on Pinkerton I don't adore. and the other one, I don't have that one. I only have all four albums :(
abigail dice
Date: 7/28/2002
what's wrong with Sorrow? I love that song! and you must remember, this is a combination of songs from the 8-10 tapes I sent her in the last two months. I actually copied in the entire Stranger Than Fiction album for her but she hated it, so I put Sorrow on there.