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It's A Guy-Man-Bloke Thing You Wouldn't Understand

Side A
Artist Song
Idlewild  I'm Happy To Be Here Tonight 
Guided By Voices  Hold On Hope 
The Flaming Lips  Waiting For A Superman 
Mercury Rev  Tonite It Shows (live) 
The Vines  Homesick 
The Apples In Stereo  About Your Fame 
Pavement   Major Leagues 
Teenage Fanclub  Guiding Star 
Lowgold  The Feelings 
Big Star  The Ballad Of El Goodo 
Side B
Gram Parsons  Return Of The Grievous Angel 
Smudge  The Outdoor Type (acoustic) 
Paul Westerberg  Only Lie Worth Telling 
Wilco  Say You Miss Me 
The Promise Ring  Stop Playing Guitar 
Pete Yorn  Lose You 
The Smiths  This Night Has Opened My Eyes 
The White Stripes  Rated X (live) 
Lemonheads  Ride With Me (acoustic) 
Elliott Smith  Miss Misery 


The title comes from a Smudge song, which some of you probably know. Made this after reading some of high fidelity. makes you think. am i sad and so listening to this music, or is it the music which is making me sad? i dunno, i think the tape works well anyway. Not sure about the promise ring song in the context of the rest of the tape, but overall not bad.


I like your selection of artists a lot, Smith, Yorn, Apples, etc., and a great Pavement pick.
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 7/18/2002
sad over music
Date: 7/19/2002
this looks purty good
Date: 7/25/2002
i like this, lots of great picks on here.