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Pretty Spooky

Artist Song
Nick Cave and the Bad Sees  Mercy Seat (Live) 
The Angels of Light  Two Women 
Ulan Bator  Hemisphere 
The Legendary Pink Dots  Pain Bubbles 
Joy Division  Atmosphere 
Sigur Ros  Ny Batteri 
The Swans  The Children of God 
The Cure  A Forest 
The Tindersticks  Travel Light 
The Legendary Pink Dots  The Light in my Little Girl's Eyes 
His Name is Alive  Are We Still Married? 
The Swans  God Damn the Sun 


A bit of the ol' goth, I suppose. Or at least as much as I can listen to and not put on fishnet.
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James Russell
Date: 7/19/2002
ULAN BATOR! Holy hell, I thought I was the only person here who had them on mixes. Would I be able to score a copy of this?
Date: 7/24/2002