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i can't believe it's really over (story of a boy)

Artist Song
Faye Wong  Dang Shi De Yue Liang 
Pizzicato Five  Beautiful Day 
U2  With or Without you 
Coldplay  Yellow 
Rainer Maria  Artificial Light 
Joni Mitchell  A Case of You 
Harvey Danger  Woolly Muffler 
Rainer Maria  I'm Melting 
Magnetic Fields  100,000 Fireflies 
Pizzicato Five  I Hear A Symphony 
Ben Folds  The Luckiest 
Procul Harum  A Whiter Shade of Pale 
Juliana Theory  August in Bethany 
Dashboard Confessional  Shirts and Gloves 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon 


Hm. the chronicle of a boy named Josiah. he's also on art of the mix. maybe he might see this. rawr.

Let's see. We "mutually broke up" today. I dated him last year and back then I listened to a lot of chinese pop (hence Faye Wong). He got me into indie music and Pizzicato Five (track from happy end of the world which he lent to me). After 2 months or so, we split up and I had a brief fling with a guy who listening to Uncle Kracker and together, the other guy and I had our song, Coldplay's Yellow.

After that, I (re)discovered indie rock. Hence the Rainer Maria track, the first track that really spurred my longing for obscure music. I fell madly (again) for Josiah and made him a mix. He wasn't talking to me at the time, and really really...probably hated me. A Case of You described the situation very well. He replied with a mix that had the harsh "Woolly Muffler" on it. I gave him a mix with a bunch of Rainer Maria (introspective lyrics, yay!) on it. But still, I wished he would talk to me...100,000 fireflies..."give me one more...you won't be happy with me, but you won't be happy anyways". So then, after cd shopping (yes, cd shopping), I managed to win him back? Haha. Anyways, it was so happy and awesome for 5 months, so the blissful part explains Pizzicato Five, Ben Folds and Procul Harum. I don't think I ever put "The Luckiest" on a mix for Josiah, actually, ironic.

Then we proceed to the reason why we broke up. He's going off to Oberlin, Ohio for college and I'm staying here in Boston for the rest of my happy little high school career. I really wanted to work something out and make it work, give it a try. He said he'd been through a long distance relationship before and it sucked a lot. So he "was leaning towards no". I don't think he still understands that I also have been through a long distance relationship and somehow that person and I managed to make it work (for a while. then that person ran off with some other chick, but it's a whole long story of being jailbait, etc). I'm also leaving for China&Japan tomorrow, and won't see him before he leaves for college. August in Bethany and Shirts and Gloves explains that situation.

Fiiinally...Nick Drake's Pink Moon. A song about death, I know, but semi-romantic (cause it's pretty sounding, okay?) and ironic. I put it on the first mix ever for Josiah, and titled that mix Pink Moon Is On It's Way. I guess it really was on it's way, and now? Now it's here. The "death of a relationship".

It does sound over dramatic. I'm not really sobbing or terribly traumatized. Just deeply dissapointed at what might have been. He's quite an amazing and cool person, I've never met anyone vaguely like him. And I'm sad dammit, that we didn't even try, at least look at what might have been. Now that part isn't where I chime in with "Such is life", because I usually try everything...! It's like we just closed the door completely. But I respect his wishes (blah blah blah), and...I'm ready and SO EXCITED for my trip to asia.

Okay, I'm done now. That was cathartic.


abigail dice
Date: 7/24/2002
that's absolutely amazing. great, great Harvey Danger song! yum.
Yeah, great Harvey Danger song... a hint of how great their second album, "King James Version," would be.
Date: 7/26/2002
this is an exceptionally well crafted mix. great artists, great picks from those artists, and you make it very clear what you're saying with them. this is what talking with others' music is all about.