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Cassette | Alternative - Punk
Cassette | Alternative - Punk
Cassette | Theme - Depression
Cassette | Theme - Depression

On the Blackened Wings of Azrael, Part I

Side A
Artist Song
Frozen Shadows  Dans Les Bras Des Immortals 
Cryptic Wintermoon  When Daylight Dies 
Death in June  Blood of Winter 
Maniac Butcher  A Song of Black Ravens 
Argar  In the Gate of Eternal Solitude 
Megiddo  Blackened 
Astriaal  As Mist Befell the Ruins 
Side B
Azaghal  Inhimillsyyden Tuollapuolen 
Vergelmer  In the Dead of Winter 
Akerbeltz  Burial of the Hyperborean Witch 
Amber Asylum  I Saw You Fall 
Horna  Sword of Darkness 
Dies Ater  Wintersturm 
Swans  Gang 
Anarazel  War and the Necroscope 
Nokturnal Mortem  The Funeral Wind Born in Oriana 


Sixteen tracks of the coldest, bleakest, grimmest, and blackest "music" to be found. Primarily obscure pagan and Nordic black metal...interspersed with bits of harsh industrial noise, crushing doom, and haunting acoustic work.

Music to watch your hopes and dreams fade to.

"Cancerous and numb, we approach the void without want nor regret."


Date: 7/26/2002