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Cassette | Alternative - Punk
Cassette | Alternative - Punk
Cassette | Theme - Depression
Cassette | Theme - Depression

On the Blackened Wings of Azrael, Part II

Side A
Artist Song
Forgotten Woods  My Scars Hold Your Dreams 
Evoken  Withering Indignation 
Craft  Death to Planet Earth 
Brighter Death Now  Moribund 
Taakeferd  Nocturnal Rite of Sorrow 
Woods of Infinity  Worship Us 
Thorns  Funeral Marches to the Grave 
Side B
Bloodsrit  Vid Livets Slut (When Life Ends) 
MZ.412  Feasting on Khristian Blood 
Khold  Dode Fuglers Sang (Dead Birds' Song) 
Isvind  Lysningen I Skogen 
Carpathian Forest  Return of the Freezing Winds 
Forgotten Tomb  Forgotten Tomb 
In Slaughter Natives  Cryptic Slaughter 
Manes  Under Ein Blodraud Maane 
Funeral Mist  Funeral Mist 
Noctuary  Funeral Ceremony 
Anaal Nathrakth  Pandemonic Hyperblast 


Eighteen tracks of the coldest, bleakest, grimmest, and blackest "music" to be found. Primarily obscure pagan and Nordic black metal...interspersed with bits of harsh industrial noise, crushing doom, and haunting acoustic work.

Music to cut your flesh and bleed to.

"Once in a while, though, he could not help seeing how shallow, fickle, and meaningless all human aspirations are, and how emptily our real impulses contrast with those pompous ideals we profess to hold." H.P. Lovecraft


Date: 1/15/2004
I would love love love to get a copy of this, if you are still willing...