where's my motorboat?

Artist Song
cinerama  kerry kerry 
ida  post prom disorder 
amy rigby  some of shelley's blues (live) 
aden  the red door 
the 6ths ft. clare grogan  night falls like a grand piano 
cat power  schizophrenia 
ivy  i've got a feeling 
mission of burma  this is not a photograph 
belly  broken 
the b-52's  give me back my man 
sleater-kinney  words and guitar 
clem snide  the dairy queen 


i made this to sound like a record, with six songs on each side, and each side starts off with poppy singles-type songs and then gets less so as it goes on. there's a space in-between cat power and ivy, too, so you have the time to pretend like you're flipping it over. made for somebody in england who mentioned he'd never heard ivy or cinerama.


I like the idea of ending a tape with "Dairy Queen" a lot.