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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

your imagination really drives me wild!!!! (the b-52's)

Side A
Artist Song
b-52's  dance this mess around 
b-52's  strobelight 
b-52's  cake 
b-52's  work that skirt 
b-52's  housework 
b-52's  channel z 
b-52's  good stuff 
b-52's  6060-842 
b-52's  dirty back road 
b-52's  mesopotamia 
b-52's  moon 83 
Side B
b-52's  detour thru your mind 
b-52's  junebug 
b-52's  hot pants explosion 
b-52's  hero worship 
b-52's  give me back my man 
b-52's  nip it in the bud 
b-52's  big bird 
b-52's  wig 
b-52's  roam 
b-52's  bad influence 
b-52's  the world's green laughter 


i made this mix a week before i saw them about a month ago. one of the best concerts ever! so much fun and they played quite a few songs that are on this mix!
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