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Son of Son of Song Cycle: UK Subs Make Own Food

Side A
Artist Song
UK Subs  She's Not There (The Zombies) 
The Zombies  When the Lovelight Starts Shining Through (The Supremes) 
The Supremes  These Boots Were Made For Walkin' (Nancy Sinatra) 
Nancy Sinatra  Down From Dover (Dolly Parton) 
Dolly Parton  Sweet Music Man (Kenny Rogers) 
Kenny Rogers  You Light Up My Life (Debbie Boone) 
Debbie Boone  God Knows (Peter Noone) 
Peter Noone  Give Me Just a Little More Time (The Chairmen of the Board) 
The Chairmen of the Board  Rockaway Beach (Ramones) 
Ramones  Surfin' Bird (The Trashmen) 
The Trashmen  Walk, Don't Run (The Ventures) 
The Ventures  I Can See Clearly Now (Johnny Nash) 
Johnny Nash  Mellow Mood (Bob Marley and the Wailers) 
Bob Marley and the Wailers  To Be Young, Gifted, and Black (Nina Simone) 
Nina Simone  My Father (Judy Collins) 
Judy Collins  Everything Must Change (Paul Young) 
Paul Young  Man in the Iron Mask (Billy Bragg) 
Billy Bragg  Fear Is a Man's Best Friend (John Cale) 
John Cale  Nibelungen (Nico) 
Nico  The End (The Doors) 
The Doors  Gloria (Them) 
Them  Don't Look Back (John Lee Hooker) 
John Lee Hooker  Five Long Years (Eddie Boyd) 
Eddie Boyd  Hound Dog (Big Mama Thornton) 
Big Mama Thornton  Rock Me Baby (B. B. King) 
B. B. King  Saturday Night Fish Fry (Louis Jordan) 
Louis Jordan  I Want You To Be My Baby (Jon Hendricks) 
Jon Hendricks  Watermelon Man (Herbie Hancock) 
Herbie Hancock  Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel) 
Peter Gabriel  Shaking the Tree (Youssou N'Dour) 
Side B
Youssou N'Dour  Chimes of Freedom (Bob Dylan) 
Bob Dylan  Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash) 
Johnny Cash  Rowboat (Beck) 
Beck  Diamond Dogs (David Bowie) 
David Bowie  It's Hard to Be a Saint in the City (Bruce Springsteen) 
Bruce Springsteen  Jersey Girl (Tom Waits) 
Tom Waits  Highway Cafe (Kinky Friedman) 
Kinky Friedman  Lover Please (Billy Swan) 
Billy Swan  Don't Be Cruel (Elvis Presley) 
Elvis Presley  And the Grass Won't Pay No Mind (Neil Diamond) 
Neil DIamond  Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell) 
Joni Mitchell  Why Do Fools Fall in Love? (Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers) 
Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers  Searchin' (The Coasters) 
The Coasters  It's Your Thing (The Isley Brothers) 
The Isley Brothers  Hello It's Me (Todd Rundgren) 
Todd Rundgren  Good Vibrations (The Beach Boys) 
The Beach Boys  Walk On By (Burt Bacharach) 
Burt Bacharach  Blue on Blue (Bobby Vinton) 
Bobby Vinton  The Exodus Song (Pat Boone) 
Pat Boone  Paradise City (Guns 'n' Roses) 
Guns 'n' Roses  Down on the Farm (UK Subs) 


as i teeter on the brink or irreleveancy and technicality, i offer this one last song cycle. this will never get made (by me, anyway). this one was a lot of fun, and it's close enough for my sake. there's all sorts of websites available for cover versions, and they're getting pretty reliable. so i need to buy a crossword puzzle book or something. APPARENTLY THIS NEEDS TO BE SAID: 1) I USED ALLMUSICGUIDE.COM, NOT THE COVERS PROJECT. 2) THE 'WRITINGS' SECTION OF AOTM CHALLENGED MIXERS TO MAKE SOMETHING LIKE THIS, WHETHER IT EXISTS IN REAL LIFE OR NOT. 3) ALL REAL MIXERS WITH NICE THINGS OR LUKEWARM REVIEWS, THANK YE. 4) MR. MCSHITE, TRUE 'N' YE MUS' BE A FIGMEN' O' ME IMAGINATION, AS THAR BE NO MIXES FROM YE. LAD, THAR MAE COOM A TIME WHEN I'LL HEAR WHINNYIN' FROM THE LIKES O' YE, BUT ONLY WHEN YA HA' SUMMIN' TO SHOW FER YESELF.
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Date: 8/2/2002
Had you actually made this mix, I would bow deeply. Even as it is it's a nice piece of research and work.
Date: 8/3/2002
very good job
Date: 8/3/2002
if I had all these songs, what would it say about me?
Date: 8/3/2002
this is great stuff, brad. it's all over the place. if someone does make it, tell 'em to send me a copy.
Date: 8/3/2002
This would be very cool if someone did actually make this - and, as for what it would say about you, Brad? that you'd be the coolest kid on the block for having these songs!
Date: 8/3/2002
well, audiogalaxy shut down... but i'll give this one a shot. I think i actually have all the mp3s for the R.E.M. song cycle. The Gogi Grant song took me forever... so i could potentially trade with someone if that sounded appealing at all.
p the swede
Date: 8/3/2002
awesome mix, great research and great picks
Date: 8/4/2002
Congrats on mix o' the week!
Date: 8/4/2002
congradulations, I love these song cycles .
banana fish1
Date: 8/4/2002
WOW how long did it take to collect all these?! amazing.. seriously

(oh, and I do write my own songs, but I'm just not brave enough to mix them onto a cd)
Date: 8/5/2002
what a talent. top work
Date: 8/5/2002
I'm VERY impressed. Even if you say 'anyone could find this stuff' it takes some ingenuity to put it all together!
Date: 8/6/2002

seriously impressive.
Date: 8/8/2002
Angus, m'lad, it dunna ha' te be made. 'tis a diversion, young'un, a swee' pa'time. I ha' meself lots o' other mixes fer ye to mull o'er, m'boy. Ye ha' none ta' yer credit, ya daft, ever-lovin' harmless hooligan.
Date: 8/8/2002
Don't ever mention a fish to me! Thank GOD for Saturday Night Fish Fry.
Date: 8/9/2002
Brilliant idea, well executed. Congrats on mix of the week.