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Cassette | Mixed Genre

And to All a Good Goddamned Night

Side A
Artist Song
David Bowie & Bing Crosby  Little Drummer Boy 
U2  Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 
They Might Be Giants  Cyclops Rock 
Save Ferris  Christmas Wrapping 
theme  Gremlins 
Fountains of Wayne  The Man in the Santa Suit 
Beck  Little Drum Machine Boy 
Mono Puff  Careless Santa 
King Missile  Jesus Was Way Cool 
Flaming Lips  Christmas at the Zoo 
The Waitresses  Christmas Wrapping 
Everclear  Santa Baby 
They Might Be Giants  Santa's Beard 
David Bowie & Bing Crosby  Peace on Earth 
Side B
theme  Back to the Future 
Touch & Go  Would You? 
Third Eye Blind  Anything 
R.E.M.  The Great Beyond 
South Park kids  What Would Brian Boitano Do? 
Tom Cochrane  Life is a Highway 
Ben Folds Five  One Angry Dwarf... 
Flaming Lips   Gash 
Angry Salad  99 Red Balloons 
Cornelius  Count Five or Six 
Beck  Debra 
Fluke  Atom Bomb 
They Might Be Giants  Doctor Worm 


Okay, basically this is a sort-of Christmas mix: first side is pop christmas carols, the second side are a bunch of pop presents. So to speak.


Date: 2/12/2002
Wow, looking at this tape makes me think you are pretty goddamn sexy!