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Metal Mullet Recovery AKA The Big Hair Transplant mix

Artist Song
Pat Boone (Ozzy Osbourne)  Crazy Train 
Strung Out (Ozzy Osbourne)  Bark At The Moon 
GOB (Kick Axe)  Heavy Metal Shuffle  
Divit (Judas Priest)  Breakin' The Law  
Toilet Boys (Kiss)  Deuce 
Upper Crust (AC/DC)  Back In Black 
Dwarves (AC/DC)  Big Balls 
Sum41 (Helix)  Rock You 
Swindle (Skid Row)  Youth Gone Wild 
Children of Bodom (Ozzy Osborne)  Shot In The Dark 
Deisel Boy (Motley Crue)  Looks That Kill 
AFI (Guns'n'Roses)  My Michelle 
Jumpin Jimes (W.A.S.P.)  I Wanna Be Somebody 
Project X (Def Leppard)  Photograph 
Blue Meanies (Motorhead)  Ace of Spades 
Less Than Jake (Twisted Sister)  We're Not Gonna Take It 
Mighty Mighty Bosstones (Aerosmith)  Sweet Emotion 
Red Star Brigade (AC/DC)  Highway to Hell 
Squatweiler (Van Halen)  Hot For Teacher 
Big D and the Kids Table (Iron Maiden)  Iron Maiden 
Dynamite Boy (Guns'n'Roses)  Sweet Child of Mine 
Dread Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin)  Whole Lotta Love 
Fuckemos (AC/DC)  Thunderstruck 


I thought Pat Boone's "Crazy Train" was the most bizarre cover ever ... until I heard Jumpin Jimes swing version of WASP's "I Wanna Be Somebody"!
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Date: 8/12/2002
Hehe...words cannot express my love.
Date: 8/13/2002
This looks amazing. I've heard about half of the covers on this CD and I can just imagine the rest in my head.