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Side A
Artist Song
sonic youth  tabla in suburbia 
public image ltd.  this is not a love song 
r.e.m.  shiny happy people 
tori amos  pandora's aquarium 
john cale  the moon (poem by jack kerouac) 
promise ring  how nothing feels 
jefferson airplane  white rabbit 
ben folds five  smoke 
the chemical brothers with beth orton  where do i begin? 
the clash  straight to hell 
underworld  dark and long (dark train mix) 
Side B
mazzy star  fade into you 
new order  blue monday 
lightwave  the art of clockmakers 
ani difranco  pixie 
fugazi  blueprint 
prolapse  pile tent 
elliott smith  between the bars (orchestral) 
kristin hersh  me and my charms 
a-ha  take on me 
pray for rain  taxi to heaven 
the softies  i can't get no satisfaction, thank god 
radiohead  exit music (for a film) 


mixed in april '99. the title of the tape comes from the jefferson airplane song on it. side one is called "going up," and side two is called "coming down."
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