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Beautiful Desolation

Side A
Artist Song
Track Star  Feet First 
Cap N Jazz  Little League 
Elliott   Superstitions In Travel 
The Smiths  There Is A Light That Never Goes Out 
Slow Reader  Every Part Of Nothing 
Screeching Weasel  Last Night 
Osker  Kinetic 
The Impossibles  This Is Fucking Tragic 
Jets To Brazil  Perfecting Loneliness 
Face To Face  Lost (Acoustic) 
Nada Surf  Icebox 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  The Getaway 
Jawbreaker  I Love You So Much, It's Killing Us Both 
Saetia  Venus & Bacchus 
Tricky Dick  When I Was Twelve 
The Promise Ring  East Texas Avenue 
Solid State Receiver  Led On 
Husker Du  Pride 
Braid  What A Wonderful Puddle 
The Pixies  Planet Of Sound 
Radiohead   Climbing Up The Walls 
Lung Fa Tang  Testament 
Mineral  &Serenading 
The Broadways  Ben Moves To California 
Cursive  The Radiator Hums 
The Murder City Devils  Midnight Service At The Mutter Museum 
Ides Of Space  Keep Writing 
Curbside Journal  Left Alone In The Dark 
Knapsack   Cold Enough To Break 
Kind Of Like Spitting  March 25th, 1998 
Side B



Date: 8/24/2002
Date: 8/28/2002
nice jawbreaker pick, but on the topic of blake schwarzenbach, what album is the Jets to Brazil song on? It's not listed as a track on either of their albums. Is it a cover or like a new one or something?
Date: 8/29/2002
The Jets song is off their upcoming album, "Perfecting Loneliness," due out October 15. You can download a couple tracks on www.jadetree.com
Date: 8/29/2002
aw thanks, i've been wonderin about the release date.