i've been drowning forever

Side A
Artist Song
the cure  siamese twins 
ben folds five  twin falls 
fiona apple  pale september 
superstar  life is elsewhere 
764-hero  stained glass 
juliana hatfield  i got no idols 
beat happening  black candy 
weezer  the good life 
julie ruin  apt. #5 
braid  the chandelier swing 
flick  maybe someday 
the bangles  angels don't fall in love 
bouncing souls  neurotic 
Side B
transister  flow 
jejune  hialeah 
the broadways  the nautical mile 
public image ltd.  disappointed 
cadallaca  winter storm '98 
new radiant storm king  the opposing engineer (sleeps alone) 
elliott smith  everybody cares, everybody understands 
black tape for a blue girl  given 
modest mouse  heart cooks brain 
team dresch  uncle phranc 
beck  feather in your cap 
tuesday  goodbyes have been said 


mixed in june '99. this tape is quite morbid and a little scary - not because of the subject matter, but because i used a combination of mainly goth and emo. i can just see a new genre now: skinny, pale boys and girls who wear black corduroy pants and black cardigan sweaters and say their influences are the cure and rites of spring. yikes.


joker und thief
Date: 5/24/2007
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