in pursuit of survival

Artist Song
sorry about dresden  on contradiction 
of montreal  dustin hoffman gets a bath 
neutral milk hotel  holland, 1945 
grateful dead  friend of the devil 
john mayer   comfortable 
american football  i'll see you when were both not so emotional 
ben harper  the drugs don't work 
kind of like spitting  valentine's day is over 
planes mistaken for stars  standing still fast 
bob dylan  one of us must know (sooner or later) 
ataris  the last song i will ever write about a girl 
something coporate  i want to save you 
the weaketrhans  confessions of a futon revolutionist 
pedro the lion  you are the roots that sleep beneath my feet and hold the earth in place 
jack johnson  stars 
dashboard confessionals  screaming infidelities 
of montreal   a collection of poems about water 
the wallflowers   i started a joke 
sorry about dresden  what gives you butterflies 
the get up kids   holiday 
neutral milk hotel   my dream girl don't exist 
sean na na  princess and the pony 
sublime   40 oz to freedom 
by a thread  the world to me 
dashboard confessional  saints and sailors 


fantastic way to start the day, with nine essential vitamins.


Date: 8/24/2002
oh i like
banana fish1
Date: 8/27/2002
I highly enjoy your sense of music and your selections. kudos.
Date: 11/28/2002
mmm i love SAD, what a great way to start out the mix. "You are the roots..." is a Bright Eyes song...unless it is also a Pedro the Lion song lol