rapping hamper laundro-honolulu

Artist Song
shins  caring is creepy 
hollies  bus stop 
edith frost  cars and parties 
george harrison  my sweet lord 
the choir  cold outside 
jean leloup  i lost my baby 
op8 w/ lisa germano  it's a rainbow 
telepopmusik  smile 
one dove  white love 
lightning seeds  pure 
face to face  disconnected 
wire  mannequin 
the smiths  still ill 
freur   doot doot 
pinback  loro 
ida  shoe in (secret stars cover) 


my friend rhymes like a hong kong magnet champaigne lover and he used to make me hotttttttt rapppp tapes and we would trade. the last cd he made me had q-tip...and....red hot chili peppers? incubus? dashboard confessional? nitin sawhay? zero 7? it's a good cd. i have special memories of INCUBUS..haha it's just so different from what i would expect. so i made him this. he's into girlie vocals accompanied by some mixmaster man in the background and songs about love and sadness and losing that girl you knew you'd lose anyways.


Date: 8/24/2002
Freur, Lightning Seeds, Shins...wonderful.
Lissa Crayon123
Date: 8/26/2002
bananas are wonderful too!@!@!!