jerbears longevity

Artist Song
the andrews sisters  rum & coca cola (cap-e-tan morgans!!!) 
sandie shaw  always something there to remind me 
johnny and the flying nuns?  make an ugly girl your wife 
frank bennet  creep (radiohead cover) 
office space quote  TPS REPORTS!!!!! 
pulp  disco 2000 
psychadelic furs  pretty in pink 
james  laid 
pedro the lion  when they really get to know you, they will run 
pinback  loro 
our lady peace  falling 
dead prez  be healthy 
ghostface killah  all that i got is you (HOLLAAAAAA) 
can ox  raspberry fields 
the notwist  chemicals 
smashing pumpkins  today 
matthew sweet  sick of myself 
tears for fears  head over heels 
dean martin  sway 
sam cooke  we're having a party 
dave matthews band  where IZ yous goins girlz!??!! 
poison  dagnabit if ev'ry rose don't there have it's there thorn 


esoteric comments?
you be the judge.
hehe. this is for the "HIM". i don't like the word boyfriend because it sounds so impersonal. "yea...i have to go do some laundry with el boyfriendo". no thanks. i'll pass. i am moving to nyc tomorrow soi made him this to remember all of our TIMES. (not that he'd forget anyways haha) they all have meaning obviously. the our lady peace song is ours because on our first date (and second time ever meeting) we went skydiving. we have gone afterwards and that song is about falling in the ya know. tears for fears is from when we watched donnie darko---sway is from sexxxxxxxxy beast. he lovvvvvvvvvves captain morgans and bill LUMBURGH and the smashing pumpkins? cause today or whenever it's always great. i'll miss that little monster! <3


Date: 8/24/2002
Nice. I like your titles. And "Office Space" quotes belong on every mix.
Lissa Crayon123
Date: 8/26/2002