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Artist Song
dialogue: The Usual Suspects  "The greatest trick..." 
Dillinger Escape Plan  43% Burnt 
Wilco  Student Loan Stereo 
Radio 4  Calling All Enthusiasts 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  Speakers Push the Air 
Dismemberment Plan  Superpowers 
Jeff Buckley  Grace 
Muse  Map of Your Head 
Mark Eitzel  Proclaim Your Joy 
Doves  The Sulphur Man 
Belle and Sebastian  The Boy With the Arab Strap 
Saul Williams  Twice the First Time 
Queens of the Stone Age  The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret (live on-air) 
The Beatles  Revolution 
The Promise Ring  B Is For Bethlehem 
Dismemberment Plan  Time Bomb 
Blur  Coffee and TV 
Mates of State  Hoarding It For Home 
Aimee Mann  Red Vines 
Interpol  NYC 
Ben Folds Five  Cigarette 
Boards of Canada  Over the Horizon Radar 


Jeremy and I made this from 1000+ mp3s on Caitlin's computer. We put the dialogue on to make the CD 79:57 and it alternates from there, Jeremy first. This is our second. It's a bit more cohesive than the first... hmmm. I should make all my CDs this way. with the flow, I mean.


abigail dice
Date: 8/25/2002
this is lovely! :) very nice.
Date: 9/9/2002
wow. the dillinger escape plan, belle and sebastian, and boards of canada on the same mix. great work man.