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You, Your Girlfriend, and Me

Artist Song
Excerpt From The Movie "Murphy's Romance"  "...Oh, they think 3 is a real intesting number" 
Frente  Bizarre Love Triangle 
Far Too Jones  Nervous (Why Am I Shaking) 
Ron Sexsmith  Nothing Good 
Bush  The People That We Love (Speed Kills) 
Deathray  Scott 
The Jayhawks  Bad Time 
Howie Day  She Says 
The Lemonheads  It's About Time 
Garbage  Temptation Waits 
Joe Henry  Mean Flower 
Law and Order  I Think It's Gonna Rain Today 
Ryan Adams  The Fools We Are As Men 
Marshall Crenshaw  I'm Sorry (But So Is Brenda Lee) 
Billy Bragg  She's Leaving Home 
Soul Asylum  We 3 
New Order  Bizarre Love Triangle 


Just a semi-stupid, TV movie-ish mix based on my own involvement in a "Bizarre Love Triangle". The title is taken from a line in the (amazing) Soul Asylum song. I still owe one party an apology and the other party owes me a stiff punch in the mouth.


Adam Noble1
Date: 8/25/2002
i love that song, and that movie. good one.
Date: 8/25/2002
hey, sorry to hear about your all-too-real troubles. but you've made a very solid thematic mix here, something not easy to do. and yes, that soul asylum track is amazing.