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Artist Song
Pretty Girls Make Graves  Speakers Push Air 
The Dismemberment Plan  Memory Machine 
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead  How Near, How Far 
Sonic Youth  Superstar 
Wilco  Poor Places 
The Kinks  David Watts 
The Rolling Stones  She Smiled Sweetly 
Frank Black and the Catholics  I Will Run After You 
The White Stripes  Hotel Yorba 
The Replacements  We're Comin' Out 
The Pixies  River Euphrates (b-side) 
The Breeders  Huffer 
The Ramones  Sheena Is A Punk Rocker 
Beach Boys  In My Room 
The Jesus and Mary Chain  Just Like Honey 
My Bloody Valentine  Swallow 
Velvet Underground  Here She Comes Now 
Yo La Tengo  By The Time It Gets Dark 
Belle & Sebastian  (non) Fiction 
Mum  Green Grass of Tunnel 
Dntel  The Dream Of Evan and Chan 
Stereolab  Lo Boob Oscillator 



Date: 8/26/2002
good mix, and nice name, sir, i might add.
Emily Stein
Date: 8/27/2002
This is wonderfully good; I especially like your picks on the Steorolab, the Replacements, the White Stripes, and the Ramones. You've pretty much picked my favortite songs for most of the artists on here. And I can't argue with the title! :)
Date: 9/5/2002
stereolab song rocks my world... ditto to: pgmg, my bloody valentine, belle and seb, stripes, breeders (great tune). all around high quality mix.
Date: 9/17/2002
since i last posted a comment here i have been constantly exposed to mum and dntel. i like this mix even more now :)