a rebel on the public transportation system

Side A
Artist Song
bis  detour 
sham 69  angels with dirty faces 
the busters  wish you were here 
elastica  2:1 
the clash  fingerpoppin' 
kristin hersh  cathedral heat 
madness  lovestruck 
the pogues  haunted 
tuesday  goodbyes have been said 
period pains  ex-boyfriend 
chemical brothers  let forever be 
lit  my own worst enemy 
sid vicious  i wanna be your dog 
the buzzcocks  what do i get? 
Side B
billy bragg  a new england 
sex pistols  no fun 
joan osborne  his eyes are a blue million miles 
blur  parklife 
promise ring  best looking boys 
the siren six!  begin 
the smiths  panic 
boy sets fire  the tyranny of what everybody knows 
crass  nineteen eighty bore 
rancid  leicester square 
detroit cobras  ain't hittin' on nothin' 
richard hell and the voidoids  love comes in spurts 
x-ray spex  warrior in woolworths 
braid  always something there to remind me 
the cure  subway song 


mixed in july '99. it's basically a "narrative" of the trip i took to london. it's meant to be listened to on the subway or bus or train system in london, but it's good music and will sound good anywhere else. i also wanted to give a copy of it to the boy i met in london and "fell in love" with, but i don't have his address.
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big dicvk
Date: 5/6/2003
this is gay