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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

Hate Me More I'm Noise!!!

Side A
Artist Song
English Softhearts  Too Much Dopamine 
B-52's  Deadbeat Club 
Halibuts  Stinky 
Underdog  Frontside Grind 
Samiam  Tired O' Waiting 
Dirt  Plastic Bullets 
Fishbone  In the Air 
Blondie  Living in the Real World 
Divisia  Clive 
The Futures  Hate Me More 
Free Kitten   Blindfold Test 
Subhumans  Society 
Unabomer  Generation 
The Queers  Highschool Psychopath part II 
Hallraker  Pick Me UP 
Delta 72  We Hate the Blues 
Acrid  Elementary 
Thulsa Doom  Always Getting Ready 
Spazz  Raging Hate, Fear and Flower Power Violence 
Spazz  Climate Best 
Side B
God is My Co-Pilot  Totally Wired 
Muffs  Honeymoon 
Banana Erectors  Draggin' USA  
DOA   Fuck That Shit 
Naked Aggression  Revolt 
The Gaia  No Sleep, No Dream 
The Bellrays  Warhead 
Fishbone  I like to Hide Behind My Glasses 
Chokehold  Content With Dying 
Panoply Acadamy  Cash in Your Coffin 
Contra  Mercy Walk 
Line of Fire   DIY 
Red Monkey  Teenagers are Boring 
Mankind?   Rude Awakenings 
Angel Hair  Bedroom Scene From Communion 
Showcase Showdown  They Saved George the III's Brain 
Submission Hold  Stuck 
Submission Hold  Last Surviving Crocodile 


i made this mix during the middle of the summer. many of the songs reflect how i was feeling: bored, restless, anxious, just on the verge of going fucking nuts. or i just put on stuff i felt like listening to.


Date: 8/30/2002
oh yeah and the title comes from the futures song (they are so excellent! that is my favorite song by them). check em out if you like loud noisy music.
Date: 8/30/2002
Nice stuff. Love the God is My Co-Pilot track.