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CD | Theme - Depression

The only thing I can do is quit

Artist Song
Everclear  Wonderful 
Third Eye Blind  Losing A Whole Year 
Hole  Miss World 
silverchair  Abuse Me 
Nine Inch Nails  I Do Not Want This 
Alanis  That I Would Be Good 
STaind  Epiphany 
Patti Smith  Don't Say Nothing 
Marilyn Manson  The Nobodies 
The Get Up Kids  Impossible Outcomes 
Abandoned Pools  The Remedy 
Puddle of Mudd  Blurry 


I quit the school play. I quit my punk rock band. I quit writing my novel. I feel like shit.

So yeah. This is your normal, average, teenage angst mix. Blurry and Epiphany are kinda over played but what the hell, I like 'em.


abigail dice
Date: 8/31/2002
this works. sorry to hear you're feeling down. *hugs* beautiful mix though.
Date: 8/31/2002
Miss World is gooood to listen to when you're feeling angst-y.