i can't fight the feeling when i think about that summer.

Side A
Artist Song
elvis costello  the other side of summer 
death cab for cutie  photobooth 
lou reed  i'm so free 
team dresch  temporary insurance 
the B52s  deadbeat club 
dear nora  make you smile 
comet gain  say yes 
pinback  concrete seconds 
sleater-kinney  step aside 
marine research  sick and wrong 
stephen malkmus  vague space 
all girl summer fun band  dreamy you 
Side B
cadallaca  june n' july 
the replacements  can't hardly wait 
mirah  sweepstake prize 
patience and prudence  a smile and a ribbon 
onelinedrawing  crush on everyone 
death cab for cutie  wait 
sleater-kinney  light-rail coyote 
the pixies  gigantic 
altered images  happy birthday 
the sonics   have love will travel 
the gossip  red hott 
all girl summer fun band  cutie pie 
the lucksmiths  guess how much i love you. 


made and not yet sent. for a girl in transition.


Date: 9/4/2002
Date: 9/4/2002
a few bands i'm not familiar with at all, and a lot that i love with fierce devotion. i need a copy.