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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

29 = Feelin' Fine

Side A
Artist Song
In Medias Res:   
Comsat Angels  Lost Continent 
*Ghost World:   
Skip James  Devil Got My Woman 
~At The Sugar Refinery:   
+Canned Hamm  Shortnin' Bread 
~Boulevard X-mas Party:   
+^Mercury Rev  The Dark Is Rising 
*The Royal Tennenbaums:   
Nico  These Days 
The Velvet Underground  Stephanie Says 
>The Clean  Tally Ho 
^The Strokes  Is This It? 
>Primal Scream  If They Move Kill 'Em 
~At The Sugar Refinery Again:   
+Frog Eyes  The Fox Speaks To His Wife Who Is Not Quite Sure 
^Clinic  Distortions 
~Our Brief Excursion Into Nature:   
^Wilco  Kamera 
Stone Roses  Waterfall 
Side B
+^The White Stripes  Death Letter 
>Del Tha Funkee Homosapien  Mistadobalina 
*Dogtown and Z-Boyz:   
Alice Cooper  Generation Landslide 
Iggy and the Stooges  Gimme Danger 
Neil Young  Old Man 
~Randy Breaks His Arm/Nasty-on CD Release Party:   
+^The Cinch  Once A Week 
+^The Nasty-On  City Sick Pt. 2 
~Rock Action:   
Judas Priest  Breaking The Law 
Closing Mini-suite:   
Black Sabbath  Changes 
^The Flaming Lips  Do You Realize 
+Love  You Set The Scene 


This is gonna be a hard one to explain. Made for one of my closest friends for her birthday. The past year has been an, uh, interesting one for her and I and a few other friends as we've all had to deal with some tough times - but out of that we've become closer friends and over the year we've had some very good times together. So this is a document of those times. It may be a little shallow, I suppose, focusing on simple things like bands we saw, albums we liked, movies we saw, but sometimes you need to wallow in the shallow end in order to drown your sorrows. Anyway, the structure is pretty simple - it's more or less chronological starting roughly around the time of her birthday last year. Most of the songs/headings are coded, or, if not, related to one of the headings. The codes works as follows. *=Movies we saw. ~=A few of the things we did to while away the hours (The Sugar Refinery is a local venue). +=Shows we saw (and one we should have seen [Love]). ^=Albums we liked. >=Songs we danced to. Phew.


Date: 9/6/2002
Love the Clean & Primal picks....I gotta' get more volume every time I play "If They Move..."!!!
Geoffrey Holland
Date: 9/12/2002
the Mercury Rev show was tops...amazed that the Commodore was only 1/2 full!