how many times have we rode our bikes to the IHOP late at night?

Side A
Artist Song
beulah  if we can land a man on the moon surely i can win your heart 
secret stars  some sinatra 
buddy holly  everyday 
promise ring  electric pink 
dressy bessy  if you should try to kiss her 
the go-betweens  the streets of your town 
rufus wainwright  april fools 
the softies  the best days 
death cab for cutie  photobooth 
the velvet underground  who loves the sun? 
Side B
team dresch  hand grenade 
the smiths  ask 
heavenly  trophy girlfriend 
ida  august again 
superchunk  throwing things 
bright eyes  falling out of love at this volume 
marine research  lost and found 
tiger trap  together forever 
violent femmes  kiss off 
tullycraft  pop songs your new boyfriend is too stupid to know about. 


in cleaning i have unearthed so many mixes i'd forgotten about. this on was made a year and a half ago to amuse myself on bus rides. nice spring/summer feeling. it never had a cover, but instead it had a cute little booklet which was made to look like a mead marble composition book.


Date: 9/8/2002
Ooh, my favorite Violent Femmes song is here, and I love that Rufus song too. Nice work!