me + you in a photobooth; black + white picture proof.

Side A
Artist Song
joan of arc  please sleep 
pedro the lion  nothing 
pulp   ansaphone 
hadda feat. carla bozulich  sometimes i'm happy 
chavez  unreal is here 
dear nora  when you write a bad song 
sleater-kinney  tapping 
joan of arc  trial at orleans 
secret stars  back in the car 
Side B
the smiths  i want the one i can't have 
starflyer 59  fell in love at twenty-two 
quasi  under a cloud 
the butchies  unbroken 
neutral milk hotel  king of carrot flowers, part one 
cat power   psychic hearts 
the mooney suzuki  when i say i love you 
yo la tengo  by the time it gets dark 
spiritualized  cool waves. 


this was made two years ago. wintertime. for a friend with a record collection to die for.


Date: 9/9/2002
This is great stuff. Hit me up for a trade.
Date: 9/9/2002
great joan of arc picks man. trial at orleans is such a great track.