every town has a corner where i meet you.

Artist Song
mirah  million miles 
pavement  shoot the singer 
elvis costello  the other side of summer 
arthur conley  sweet soul music 
the gossip  jailbreak 
tom tom club  genius of love 
the make up  wade in the water 
the geraldine fibbers  hands on the wheel 
dear nora   when you write a bad song 
built to spill  time trap 
innocence mission  the lakes of canada 
pinback  tripoli 
promise ring  living around 
secret stars  wait 
sleater-kinney  one song for you 
frankie lymon  why do fools fall in love? 
sonic youth  bee bee's song 
the velvet underground  lisa says 
yo la tengo  cherry chapstick 


this another unfinished tape. from two years ago, i believe.


Date: 9/9/2002
cherry chapstick...what a great way to end the mix. and mirah to pavement? interesting.