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The Rush Against Time!!

Artist Song
Andrew Sisters  Mr. Sandman 
CB4   Straight Outta Locash 
J Zone  Inauguration Day 
House of Pain  Jump Around 
John Coltrane  Giant Steps 
Marvel Vs. Capcom II  New Age of Heroes 
Pizzicato 5  Twiggy Twiggy 
Screamin' Jay Hawkins  Whistling Past the Graveyard 
System of a Down   Peephole 
Ska Ska Club  Right Now! 
Slow Gherkin  In Love With Movie Stars 
Urusei Yatsura  The Universe is Wierd! 


Well, OBVIOUSLY, this tells the tale of a girl falling asleep and waking up in a strange, post-apocalyptic version of Compton, California, now known as Locash, California. Soon after arriving there she witnesses the new president being sworn in, followed by the inauguration party. However, she is whisked away in the flurry of things by a man who has a proposition for her: that she become a hero and fight the new president, who is known as, Presitron. She quickly accepts and travels to the evil, factory-town where Presitron and his kind are created in an attempt to conquer the world. On her way there, she is confident and walks through the, normally, spooky graveyard with little to no fright. Then, she arrives outside of town and watches the horrors through a hole in the fence, and is suprised to find a young man who is enamoured with ska music also on the quest to stop Presitron. They quickly fall in love, but she wakes up and realizes that she has just fallen asleep while watching a movie of same subject matter, living vicariously through it in her dream. However, when she gets up to go to bed she finds the little rude boi from her dream right there next to her. So it was only a dream....OR WAS IT?!?! They then proceed to agree that the universe is wierd, and that they should have really gross sex even though her parents are home. The story is right there, if you couldn't tell by the music you must be a Super Sayan retard, or something.


Date: 9/12/2002
wow, this is a more telling tale than any i've seen...bravo
Date: 9/12/2002
What, you think we're idiots? You needed to spell it all out for us? :)