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Cassette | Theme - Road Trip

Car CD #3

Side A
Artist Song
Sandman  Dave Matthews Band 
Mandolin Rain  The Wallflowers 
Horse With No Name  Dave Matthews Band 
So Much To Say  Bruce Hornsby & The Range 
Three Marlenas  Dave Matthews Band 
Two Step  Def Leopard 
Typical Situation  America 
Side B
Crash Into Me  Bruce Hornsby & The Range 
One Headlight  America 
Satellite  Dave Matthews Band 
The Way It Is  The Wallflowers 
Tripping Billies  Dave Matthews Band 
Two Steps Behind  Dave Mwtthews Band 
Ventura Highway  Dave Matthews Band 


First off, this is a mixed CD, hence the one side. No original title for the cd, just a cd I made to be kept in my car for the mellower moods when life is good and there aren't any worries.