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the little sandwich that got a guilt complex

Side A
Artist Song
coldplay  trouble (live) 
dar williams  when i was a boy 
dandy warhols  sleep 
the get up kids  out of reach 
jonatha brooke  lullaby 
elliot smith  miss misery 
dido  isobel 
modest mouse  bankrupt on selling 
ani difranco  overlap 
belle and sebastian  if you're feeling sinister 
dave matthews  waste (solo cover) 
Side B
jonatha brooke  west point 
nick drake  ida 
yo la tengo  speeding motorcycle 
ani difranco  buildings and bridges 
dave matthews + tim reynolds  jimi thing (from l@lc) 
tegan and sara  buried alive (live) 
jewel  barcelona 
braid  always something there to remind me 
madonna  power of goodbye 
sunny day real estate  how it feels to be something on 
k's choice  20,000 seconds 
tegan and sara  clever meals 
the ataris  my hotel year 


for El because it was snowing and she looked like she wanted a tape.
(because you can really tell that people want a tape by looking at them ?? )


Date: 9/16/2002
side a is subtitled "failure wants you to fuck it" and side b is subtitled "i wonder if i could make a monk laugh" - all titles come from hte king missile "failure" cd
Date: 9/16/2002
very very pretty - those are my two very favorite ani songs.
Date: 10/12/2002
Coldplay, Elliot Smith, Dido and Modest Mouse - and that's just the first side! I love it.