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everyone's crying themselves to sleep

Artist Song
billy bragg & wilco  remember the mountain bed 
starsailor  fever 
jeff buckley  lover, you should have come over 
norah jones  don't know why i didn't come 
mirah  cold cold water 
travis  the connection 
norah jones  come away with me 
sigur ros  staraflur 


School has started and there's enough work in it to make anyone depressed.

It's also a generally melancholy time for some of my friends. And me. This little mix is a soundtrack for that...crying to...being miserable to...


abigail dice
Date: 10/1/2002
oh, not to be a snob or anything, but that norah jones song is called "don't know why". lovely mix. I adore those billy bragg/wilco collaborations!