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CD | Alternative - Indie Rock

Music for a 5 hour bus ride

Artist Song
Dire Straits  Romeo and Juliet 
The New Pornographers  Letter From an Occupant 
Ani DiFranco  Gravel 
Sam Roberts  Brother Down 
Counting Crows  Love and Addiction 
Matthew Good Band  Native Son 
My So-Called Life  Theme  
Ryan Adams  La Cienga Just Smiled 
Songs:Ohia  Captain Badass 
Travis  Driftwood 
Coldplay  Shiver 
Starsailor  Alcoholic 
South  From Here on In 
Liz Phair  Whip Smart 
Coldplay  Amsterdam 
Chicane  Offshore 


I'm heading up island to Tofino in the next week or so. It's about a 5 hour bus ride and I needed a mix of contemplative music since 5 hour bus rides tend to give one a lot of time to think. And the more I thought about the mix, the more I realized how sad a many of these songs make me. Ah well, enjoy!


abigail dice
Date: 9/16/2002
wow, that'll be a great bus ride! I ADORE those two coldplay songs, especially Amsterdam. that song just brings me to tears. oy. but all of this is quite stellar. have a nice bus ride! :)
Russ Woods1
Date: 9/16/2002
niiice. Matthew Good Band rocks. Oh, so does Coldplay. Oh, so does Travis. Oh, so does this mix.
Date: 11/12/2002
hmm.. love the Ryan Adams, CC, Travis, Coldplay and specially the Dire Straits pic...beautiful.
El Mixa
Date: 6/21/2004
It's like I made this CD!