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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre

I must go where it is quiet

Side A
Artist Song
Jeff Buckley  I want someone badly 
Ryan Adams  Damn Sam (I love a woman that rains) 
Wilco  She's a Jar 
Whiskeytown  Houses on the Hill 
James Taylor  Fire and Rain 
REM  Nightswimming 
Michael Nesmith  Some of Shelley's Blues 
Counting Crowes  Black and Blue 
Ryan Adams  Wild Flowers 
The Band  It Makes No Difference 
Side B
Dave Mathews Band  Satellite 
Jeff Buckley  Morning Theft 
Ryan Adams  Come Pick Me Up 
Wilco  My Darling 
REM  Try Not to Breathe 
Yo La Tengo  Our Way to Fall 
Dave Dobbyn  Naked Flame 
Leonard Cohen  Famous Blue Raincoat 
Whiskeytown  Jacksonville Skyline 
Jeff Buckley  Farewell Angelina 


I haven't actually made this yet so I don't know if it'll work...what do you guys reckon?


abigail dice
Date: 9/19/2002
is it me, or is it becoming painfully blatant that your love of Ryan Adams and Whiskeytown is insane?! insanely cute that is. I meant that in the best way :) I like this tape. but you should hear Tori Amos cover "Famous Blue Raincoat" it's really something...
Date: 9/19/2002
argh, I know! it doesn't help that my Honours thesis is all about Mr I am FORCED for academic purposes to listen to his music. I just don't have a big enough music collection...yet...