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Wristwatch Under My Sleeve

Artist Song
Eleni Mandell  Dreamboat 
John K Samson  The Prescience of Dawn (live) 
Mates of State  A Duel Will Settle This 
Christine Fellows  roadkill 
The Greg MacPherson Band  the day the water dried up from the taps 
The Flaming Lips  Yoshimi vs The Pink Robots Part i 
Pedro The Lion  Penetration 
Sleater  Oh! 
onelinedrawing  Smile 
Eamonn Vitt  Bridging 
Karate  Ice or Ground 
Tom Waits  Shore Leave 
Low  Tired 
Julie Doiron  The Longest Winter (live) 
The Smiths  Asleep 
Warren Ellis  Track Three 


sleep. waking up. a day. that day's night. going to bed. sleep.


Date: 9/19/2002
i like it *this* much!