if you're happy and you know it say a swear

Artist Song
Lambchop  Your Fucking Sunny Day 
Halo Benders  Your Asterisk 
Clem Snide  I Love The Unknown 
John Wesley Harding  I'm Wrong About Everything 
Butterfly Child  Drunk On Beauty 
Mirah  This Dance 
Rilo Kiley  The Frug 
The Loud Family  Spot the Setup 
Jonathan Richman  Pablo Picasso 
Knife In The Water  Rene 
Lullaby For The Working Class  Honey, Drop The Knife 
Belle & Sebastian  Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying 
Heavenly  Our Love Is Heavenly 
Plumtree  You Just Don't Exsist 
All Girl Summer Fun Band  Cut Your Hair 
Beulah  If We Can Land a Man On The Moon... 
Ben Lee  Nothing Much Happens 
The Flaming Lips  Do You Realise 


Boobs! Hiney! Mitten!
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Date: 9/20/2002
i know and love about half of this mix. it is very very good. the other half i am interested in hearing. up for a trade?
Something Different
Date: 9/20/2002
Lol did the title come from the Simpsons? I swear I heard Bart say that qoute.
Date: 9/21/2002
your closer is sure to rip anyone's heart out... you are evil, but in a good way :)
Date: 9/21/2002
My friends and I have a habit of blurting out one-liners from The Simpsons. "When I grow up, I'm going to Bovine University."
Your Own Accordion12
Date: 9/21/2002
... Doesn't everyone do that?

And thank you Mr. Ben, I always enjoy hearing I'm evil in a good way.
Date: 3/15/2003
very nice. also love your user name.